Since October 2016, NAF has become the Northern market distributor of KPF Vina company. KPF Vina is a company with 100 Korean capital, located in Dai An Industrial Park, Hai Duong, Vietnam, established in 2010 to manufacture associated accessories for export to the Korean parent company and the European market. 

By 2015, KPF Vina started to distribute to the domestic market. Therefore, our products are distributed to meet strict standards from European and Asian countries along with competitive prices, flexible return and warranty policies, and are produced domestically using technology. advanced from Korea.

With modern, advanced machinery and management according to ISO 2001:2008 standards, KPF Vina’s production capacity reaches an output of over 10,000 tons per month, distributed to domestic and international markets.

Therefore, the products provided by NAF always bring satisfaction to customers in terms of quality, price, ability to quickly supply goods, and guaranteed after-sales service.


KPF Vina has been a strategic partner of Nam An Bolts and Screws since 2016.


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