Sales Policy


The websites of NAF Co.,ltd (hereinafter “we”) are created and operated by Nam An Industrial Material Company Limited with the following terms and conditions. Please read and understand the terms and conditions before using this website.

Article 1: Definition

1.1 Buyer: Is the person who purchases the product on the website of Nam An Co., Ltd. to use it according to the conditions noted in this agreement.

1.2 Seller: Is the person who provides and is responsible for the products sold and uses the services according to the conditions noted in this agreement.

1.3 Complete the transaction: When the buyer receives the product and confirms that he is satisfied with the product/service.

1.4 Guaranteed payment and delivery service: Understood as the guaranteed payment and delivery service of Nam AN Co., Ltd. Buyers receive goods delivered at home after making online payment via payment gateway or paying directly upon receipt (COD).

1.5 Shipping service: is understood as the delivery service of parcels, provided by shipping partners of Nam An Co., Ltd. or by our company.

Article 2: Rights and responsibilities of the Seller.

2.1 Legal transactions and honest sales:

  1. a) All goods and services we provide are legal products. It is strictly prohibited to conduct acts that are not or are not permitted by current law, for example: money laundering, giving/receiving bribes, trading in products with illegal origins, and defrauding buyers. At the same time, the Seller commits that the goods provided to the buyer paid through the Seller’s online payment tools are goods that are allowed to be traded and comply with the provisions of current Vietnamese law. onion.
  2. b) Ensure the accuracy and truthfulness of information about the goods and services offered for sale, especially inventory status and prices. Party A commits to sell the goods at the listed price, the price includes taxes as prescribed by law.

2.2 Financial commitments:

  1. a) Do not require customers to provide personal financial information such as bank account, credit card number, account login password, etc.
  2. b) Provide buyers with clear and reasonable exchange/return and warranty policies, provide customers with the content of those policies upon request, and be responsible for notifying each time there are changes. or update.
  3. c) The listed sales price is the correct price. The buyer only pays the listed price and the seller only receives payment from the buyer at the listed value minus additional fees (if any) such as shipping fees, return fees and other fees.

2.3 Monitor and control transactions:

  1. a) If there is goods, the Seller confirms the availability and delivers the goods or performs services to the buyer in accordance with the quality and deadline committed in the description when posting for sale. At the same time, save valid documents such as sales invoices, delivery notes, shipping company bills of lading… for comparison in case of necessity.
  2. b) If out of stock, the Seller can choose between postponing the order until stock is available or confirming Out of stock to automatically cancel the order.
  3. c) Within 24 hours of the order being placed, if the seller does not confirm the stock status, the buyer retains all rights to cancel the order without prior notice.

2.4 Payment:

Depending on the payment method the customer chooses and the delivery address, the appropriate payment method is also applied accordingly.

2.5 Refunds

  1. a) If the buyer complains about not receiving the goods or the goods are not as described and requests to return the goods without the seller being able to provide reasonable evidence to prove that he has delivered the goods according to the description.
  2. b) The buyer can prove that the origin of the money paid by the buyer to the seller is of illegal origin or related to a fraudulent transaction; The buyer has the right to retain the money related to that payment transaction to return it to the victim in accordance with the provisions of law.

Article 3: Buyer’s rights and responsibilities:

3.1 In case the seller violates the commitments in Article 2 of this cooperation agreement, the buyer has the right to terminate this cooperation agreement without prior notice.

3.2 In all cases where the buyer voluntarily cancels the order after the order is accepted within 24 hours, the buyer is responsible for all damages and risks caused to the seller. The seller has the right to unilaterally terminate the cooperation and not refund the costs (if any).

Article 4: General Terms

  1. a) The seller is responsible for working with banks and financial institutions to ensure the provision of online payment tools for buyers to transfer money to pay for e-commerce transactions to the seller.
  2. b) The seller agrees to deliver the goods in advance and receive payment later according to the stipulated time and agreement or as agreed upon by both parties.
  3. c) The seller’s carrier is responsible for collecting payment on behalf of the buyer in case the buyer chooses the Payment on Delivery (COD) method.
  4. d) The seller is responsible before the buyer and before the law for the contents of the package; accuracy and truthfulness of information about goods and services; quantity, quality, origin, type, sales term and other information related to the goods and services provided by Party A. If there is a discrepancy in the weight of the goods that Party A has declared, Party B has the right to deduct the amount from Party A’s goods.

Article 5: Force majeure

5.1 Are all situations and events beyond control including: Wars, rebellions, riots, acts of sabotage, strikes, lockouts, laws or regulations changes in Government regulations, fire, explosion or other unavoidable accidents, floods, storms, earthquakes or other unusual natural phenomena and directly affecting the performance of all or part of the obligations of this partnership agreement.

5.2 Neither party shall bear any responsibility if an incident occurs that causes unintended consequences in the cases specified in Clause 5.1.

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